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- GECO software is published in Bioinformatics (link)
- CrossCheck software is published in Scientific Reports (link)
- OLMAT software receives Innovator of the Year Award from Dundee University (link)


- Western Blotting Guru on (link)
- PCR Guru on (link)

- CrossCheck is cited in a PLOS Biology paper by Najafov et al. (link)
- CrossCheck is cited in an Expert Review of Proteomics paper by Briochi and Banfi. (link)
- GECO is cited in a Frontiers in Genetics paper by Mongia et al. (link)
- BASALT is cited in a Science paper by Ben-Sahra and Hoxhaj et al. (link)
- MotifGen and BASALT software are cited in a Journal of Cell Biology paper by Xia et al. (link)
- OLMAT is cited in an EMBO Journal paper by Perez-Oliva et al. (link)
- OLMAT is cited in a Biochemical Journal paper by Banerjee et al. (link)
- OLMAT is cited in a Nature Communications paper by Herhaus et al. (link)
- OLMAT is cited in a Journal of Cell Science paper by Hoxhaj et al. (link)

ProteinGuru Software:

GECO - Gene expression correlation analysis tool that performs genetic algorithm-driven deconvolution, cancer cell drug sensitivity comparisons and drug screens.

CrossCheck - High-throughput, proteomics, transcriptomics and genome-wide screen data cross-referencing tool.

GeneTools - NCBI Gene database mining software that retrieves information about reported protein-protein interactions, comoon interactions, gene ontology, and more.

BASALT - Biological Sequence Analysis Tool. A handy tool to analyze protein sequences for (multiple) motifs, using regular expression search.

Motifgen - Generates a consensus motif using input of stacked sequences.

PeptiCut - Finds the optimum protease to be used in MassSpec analysis. Also, can selects proteases that wouldn't cut at the motif of interest.

Densimolar - A simple calculator for conversion of densities to molarities.

Quantilator - Performs everyday handy conversions such as from micrograms per microliters into micromolars and vice versa.

FreqPlot - Frequency plotter tool. Simply enter a list of gene symbols or protein names and see how frequently does each appear in your list.

Timecourse - A simple tool to organize your timecourse experiments.