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BASALT: Biological Sequence Analysis Tool

This tool is designed to analyze protein sequences for regular expression motifs.
Please cite as:
Najafov J and Najafov A (2010) BASALT - Biological Sequence Analysis Tool
To generate consensus motifs using known substrate sequences, use MotifGen.
To select optimum proteases for MassSpec analysis that would not cut at the desired motif, use PeptiCut.
x = any amino acid or singularly omitted amino acid
X = any amino acid
1 = Hydrophobic - aliphatic: A/I/L/V
2 = Hydrophobic - aromatic: F/W/Y
3 = Neutral - polar side chains: M/N/C/S/Q/T
4 = Acidic: D/E
5 = Basic: R/H/K
6 = Unique: G/P

Multiple motifs separated by commas can be searched