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MotifGen: Consensus motif generator tool

This tool generates a consensus sequence using stacked sequences of the same length.
Use the example below to generate an consensus for Akt phosphorylation motif.
If a sequence is shorter than other sequences in a given stack, use "x" to represent any amino acid.
The output of MotifGen can be used in our BASALT tool.
x = any amino acid
1 = Hydrophobic - aliphatic: A/I/L/V
2 = Hydrophobic - aromatic: F/W/Y
3 = Neutral - polar side chains: M/N/C/S/Q/T
4 = Acidic: D/E
5 = Basic: R/H/K
6 = Unique: G/P

(F/1/3/4/5/6)(S/T/Q/M/N/1/2/4/5/6)(C/E/Y/F/S/L/V/Q/T/5/6)(S/F/Q/M/T/N/1/4/5/6)(P/C/T/5)(S/T/V/Q/L/A/F/M/C/Y/4/5/6)(A/L/V/2/3/4/5/6)(S/T)(T/Q/S/M/N/1/2/4/5/6)(Y/1/3/4/5/6)(N/F/M/S/_/T/Y/C/1/4/5/6)(S/Y/T/N/F/_/M/Q/1/4/5/6)(S/C/W/F/T/_/Q/N/1/4/5/6)(S/K/R/N/T/Q/ /1/2/4/6)(Y/F/ /1/3/4/5/6)